Friday, November 10, 2006

What's this blogging thing all about anyway?

Ok, so I've been infected by this new age trend referred to as "blogging." It almost seems like nobody wants to sit down and talk face to face anymore. Is it getting to the point where we pass someone in the street, exchange cordial greetings and then refer them to our blogs for more detailed information? Well, maybe not that bad, but I just find this whole blogging thing very interesting. What will be the long-term social consequences of such a practice? Will my future kids--in a spurt of teenage rebellion--declare that I am "so 1900's" in my insistence on using verbal communication? Will, through the process of natural selection, our vocal chords become smaller and smaller while our fingers develop specialized muscles for typing? Is this the future we want for our children?
I guess I'm being just a little bit dramatic but I must say that this blogging thing is really great. It's a chance for me to unload some of the random (sometimes meaningless) thoughts on unsuspecting friends and curious internet surfers.
I hope you enjoy all this random clutter that I call my blog!