Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tacos tonight...

Just really quick...I'm having a good time in Honduras. Santa Lucia (near Tegucigalpa) is a really nice little town and I am lucky enough to be staying with Liseth and Chet Thomas who have been nice enough to let me take up shelter in their beautiful home. I've already been to five schools in two days so that is a small demonstration of the pace I'm keeping to finish 15 schools in five days. Local support is what makes it possible. I go to the schools with Hugo--the head of the school district--and he's so helpful!
Tonight the Thomas family is having a little party to celebrate the visit of their daughter (from Florida). We're going to make tacos...mmmm!
My internet connection is too slow to upload photos so we'll just have to wait on that I guess. I'm excited to get back to "The States" to see everyone I love!


Cristi said...

We're also excited to get you back to the state! When is the stop through Nashville,again?!

Mac Family said...

I wish I could be part of the Celebration for when you get home! Think maybe when you travel next time you can come to Boise? You are always welcome ... anytime! Got a bed ready and everything! love you