Saturday, August 2, 2008

A three hour tour...a three hour tour...

So, San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua was one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen since my Mom and two sisters (get! It was amazing to see the crystal-clear waters and amazing surfers and swim around/relax in the shade. It was lovely! I had a lot of fun with my friends too. Lincoln (the guy on the right) and I rented bicycles and rode down to a couple of beaches a short distance from our hostel. The bikes we rented had virtually no brakes so it was quite the adventure trying to avoid crashing!
We found some cool spots where the waves crashed over the rocks and decided to snap a few photos. It was a beautiful day!

This was a cool shot that Lincoln got with his waterproof camera!

This morning I had to say goodbye to my friends and head down to Costa Rica. It was actually really hard to say goodbye! I'm going to be meeting my friend Kaytee tomorrow so I had to be in San Jose today. Leaving San Juan there was a girl on the bus who was heading to the exact same hostel as I so we came down together and it worked out really good!
So, the title of my post is "A Three Hour Tour." That's because we managed to catch a bus from the border of Nicaragua to San Jose--an estimated 5 1/2 hr. trip. About two hours into the trip the bus driver was informed that a bridge into town had broken so we had to take a detour. Apparently, the bus driver had never done this detour before because we ended up getting lost and having to turn around twice! Also, we finally got pointed in the right direction only to find that a semi-truck had crashed--blocking the road once again. We had to take a small, winding dirt road to get to San Jose. It was crappy. Anyway, we ended up getting to San Jose in 11 hrs!!!! We were so hungry that we asked the taxi to stop by McDonald's on the way in. Now that is serious hunger, right? We got here so late that all of the rooms were taken up so we're gonna be staying in the TV room on mattresses! Who knows when we'll actually get to sleep but this looks like a fun place so I'm looking forward to meeting a few new friends. Plus, it's Saturday night so no need to rush off to sleep right?
Oh, here's one more random picture of me getting splashed in the eye by the salty hand of the Pacific :-) Take care friends!

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haole12 said...

Holey rusted metal, Batman!!!!!!!!!! That's a nice tan you have there. You're starting to look like a local.