Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boyd K Packer - Prop 102

Ok, so I have to type fast while I still have everything fresh on my mind and before I lose my notes. So, I went to a special stake conference today at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to hear on of the leading General Authorities speak on pertinent issues facing the church today. Here are some of the notes and quotes I was able to gather. Oh, by the way, the session began with the Stake President requesting that we "use our notes for our own personal use and not share them with anyone" hmmmm. Well, I'm sharing anyway because I found them very interesting. He spent about half of his sermon dicussing the upcoming election and the importance of "following the brethren" when we vote. He made the following points:

1. The church does not get active in political causes unless it is regarding moral issues.
2. Gay marriage is "remarkably dangerous to 'our' way of life.
3. We cannot tolerate patterns of sin which would weaken/destroy society as we know it.
4. We are living in times similar to Sodom and Gamora.
5. Church members should never deface or pull down posters opposing propositions to ban gay marriage.
6. We must "exercise our voting power to protect ourselves."
7. The word 'tolerance' is being used as a 'weapon' against supporters of gay marriage bans.
8. Angels of the devil inspire you to do what is evil and try to 'undo the institution of marriage.'
9. The church does not accept movements of people who have patterns in immorality.
10. "Things are going to change drastically, but in it we can continue to have happy families and live righteously."

I don't agree with everything that was said but of everything that he had to say today I felt good that he ended his talk with point #10. It really is true that things are going to change in many ways but the most important thing is that we do the best we can to live happily with our families and things will be alright. Overall, I'm glad I attended.

Oh, the funny part is that I have a huge NO ON 102 sign on the back window of my car and some guy and his wife stopped me as I was getting into my car and told me he was really happy to see that I wasn't supporting Prop 102. It was surprising but he went on to explain (as I believe) that government should not be the one making moral judgment calls. He was a huge Ron Paul supporter so it makes sense that he would agree with me. It certainly wasn't what I expected walking out of the church building! LOL


Melissa and Brandon said...

Allen Allen Allen! What happened to you?! Don't forget that he also said "It's not a POLITICAL issue, it's a MORAL issue." I miss my friend!

Kate said...

Right on, Allen. Your posts on this topic have been very interesting. I'm sad that the opponents of Prop 102 seem to have been a lot slower getting mobilized than the supporters. I've only started seeing "No on 102" yard signs this past week. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I agree that no one should be legislating morality, and that same sex couples will always exist and love eath other and raise children, even if the state continues to violate their rights to equal protection.

Melissa and Brandon said...

I will always consider you a friend as well... NO MATTER WHAT! :-)

Rod and Lynda said...

Your rude & very disrespecful blogs about Prop 102 are heartbreaking!
Contentiously going against the Prophet and Apostles is not only condemning yourself, but hurting others too.
I love you, but I hate what you are doing!
Love, Mom
PS ~ I'm glad to see that you have a friend who is trying to help you see truth instead of the deceit that you are believing in.

Allen said...

Mom, I do not mean you harm and I am sorry that you cannot understand my point of view. I did my best to approach this issue with respect while voicing my opinion as clearly as I could. Of course I'm saddened by the passing of Prop 102 but I congratulate you on a campaign well run and for standing up for what you believe in! Thank you for your love :)

Anonymous said...

ok so i think that the saddest thing to all this is how much it divides us from each other, especially within a family. its just a piece of paper that says one person is entitled to make decisions on behalf of another and that they get their possessions at death. how could that encroach upon a "traditional" marriage? open your mind beyond what is written in a book and think for yourself. ask yourself what is most important to you? a good fight or a happy family? who cares at how it is arrived at as long as your happy? allen your opinion is important to me as long as its honest and doesnt hurt someone else. just focus on being happy.