Saturday, February 21, 2009

So done...

I finally finished!!! I got everything up in the bathroom and it's now functional--not to mention stylin'! I'd like to take this moment to thank my dad for all of his expert advice directly related to this project and all of the skills he's given me throughout my life with or without even knowing it! I also really appreciate Justin's (my roommate) patience as he's been dealing with dust and debris for a solid three months now. Poor guy! I know he's happy to have his own space again. As you can see, I successfully mounted the sink on the wall and it's pretty darn sturdy thanks to some good IKEA mounts, solid backing and liquid nails LOL.
Here are some more pics:

I'm pretty happy with the way the shower turned out. The dark grout really toned down the blue while preserving the great reflective color of the glass mosaic tiles. Also, I got the tub pretty dirty from washing grout sponges and I was worried I wouldn't get the stains out but I had a geneous idea...After scrubbing forever with a brush, I used a 200 grit sanding block and some Comet to gently remove the stains. It worked like a charm and the tub is shiny white porcelain again!
The storage compartment in the wall proved convenient. As you can see, it has lots of room for all of Justins toiletries even if he does have more product than the average American girl ;-)I went with a staggered tile pattern for two reasons: 1. I like the way it looks, and 2. the bathroom is so out of square that a traditional pattern would have made the wacky angles look even more obvious. Oh, and the toilet has one effective, efficient flush...I've tried it on some heavy-duty jobs already! J/K
It's nice to be done with this project. I had a good time and learned a bunch but let's just say I'm not quite ready to move on to the next bathroom...that will have to wait :-)


Michael said...

I LOVE it! Good Job! I cant wait to see it when I come to visit!

Little Beachs said...

That turned out so nice!
disregard the bathroom "hard work" comment!!

Rod and Lynda said...

It turned out so nice. Happy that we could be of some assistance to your project.
With Love, Mom & Dad

Crystal said...

Wow! It's so cool. I LOVE the sink. I also like how the tub pops. It's really nice, Allen.