Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello mudda, hello fadda, here I am in Granada Nicaragua...

I'm thoroughly enjoying being in Granada! This place is lovely and my new friends are a lot of fun to be around. Since I basically had been on a bus from Sunday morning to Tuesday night from Guatemala City to Granada, Nicaragua I felt like I'd been hit by a southbound train! I was sore from head to toe so I took it easy on Wednesday--mostly relaxing in a hammock and walking around town a bit. I also got my laundry done so I feel fresh and clean! It was funny because Lincoln (from New Zealand) has a thick accent and we were getting our clothes ready to take to laundry. He asked me a question and I couldn't figure out if he was asking me if my clothes were white, wet, or if he was asking about their weight. Come to find out he was asking if they were wet because the laundry service charges by weight. It was pretty funny! He and Laura (from Scotland) also use the word "fortnight" defined as a two week period of time (i.e. I receive my direct deposit fortnightly). It's interesting :-)
Today is Thursday and it turns out that my new friends are heading to the exact same place as I am so we're going to continue traveling together! It works out well because we all save money and enjoy being together. The place we have been staying in Granada is $6/night and it's actually really nice. So, we're going to head down to the border of Costa Rica today to a place called San Juan. It's not too long of a trip so I'm definitely glad about that. It's a real wear on your body traveling on the rickety buses and bad roads down here. I should be able to get to Puerto Viejo Costa Rica in plenty of time to meet my friend Kaytee there. I can't wait to see her!
Here are some pics from beautiful, historic Granada, Nicaragua:Municipal building near the park

The church in the central park of Granada...I love the color!

I got to climb the clock was a cool view!

Laura (Scotland) and Lincoln (New Zealand) borrowing my laptop to burn their photos to a DVD.

Laurie (Canada) resting on the hammock

So, I'm excited to get to Costa Rica and see what's cool there! It should be a great experience!


Anonymous said...

Hola! Im glad to hear your enjoying your trip and have new friends to share the experience with. I love the photos.

Crystal said...

It must be fun to hang out with so many different people. It's neat to get to know new cultures, ways to say things, and ways of life.

Mac Family said...

mr A ... love and miss you. Glad you are having a blast. The pictures are so beautiful! I love the buildings there ... wish I could see them too .. but not yet I guess ... anyway, thanks for the pics .. makes you seem closer! Hugs and love to you ... cant wait for the next post!