Friday, June 20, 2008

A few days in Houston TX

So, everything is off to a good start. I'm in Houston right now with my friend Brent. Brent lived in Houston for a while and, a few months ago we decided to do a fun little trip since I always fly through the HOU airport when I go to Central America. I've always been curious about the city so it's been fun seeing what Houston has to offer. Today we went to the mall and I FINALLY got the Oakley shades I've been looking at for the last year. It was fun to browse all of the fancy stores--apparently there's a lot of money in this town.
Here's a funny story. So, I love walking through Neiman Marcus to see all of the newest trends and they always have the coolest displays. I get a lot of ideas from them. Anyways, I know that Neiman's is way out of my league so I'm not trying to fool anyone but I actually found some really cute shirts on the clearance rack so I decided to try them on. The lady that checked me in to the dressing room took one look at me (in my American Eagle shorts) and I could tell she had her doubts about my ability to pay for the merchandise I was going to try on. Like I said, I'm not trying to fool anyone so I didn't care but this stuff was too good to pass up and it was actually reasonably priced so I stepped into the dressing room. The fit was perfect...I proceeded to the cash register. I pulled out my prestigious WaMu Gold Debit Mastercard and attempted to pay for the shirts. The lady gave me the weirdest look. She then informed me that Neiman's only accepts American Express or Neiman Marcus card! I was so disappointed! I carry my Costco AMX about 90% of the time but since I'm headed to Central America--the land of VISA and Mastercard--I didn't have it on me. She, of course, asked me if I would like to apply for a Neiman Marcus card (which I can't imagine using more than once every ten years). I couldn't believe it! I felt so stupid but then I thought about how silly I must have looked in that store in my American Eagle shorts and no-name t-shirt. I should really stick to the real world...the world where people use WaMu Gold Debit Mastercards at Target, Ross, and Old Navy with smiles on their faces :-)


Kira said...

hehe. It's probably for the best, anyway. Don't you know that it's not a good idea to buy stuff at the start of a trip? I hope that on this trip my mom doesn't find a god on the 2nd day of our trip and make us lug it around for the next 2 weeks... :-)
See you on Sunday!

Crystal said...

ha! Wouldn't I be a sight in a store like that? I guess we're just simple people, Al.

Allen said...

You're right Crystal...we have too much of Dad in us and that's a good thing :-)
I have never even considered buying anything in that store but I love the design ideas like the furniture (of course) and the way they display stuff. It gives me ideas!