Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making lemonade :-)

I have always loved lemonade! I don't know if it's the contrasting taste of sour and sweet or the refreshing cool it injects into my body on a hot day. There's just something so wonderful about lemonade!
I'm sure everyone has heard that cheezy cliché about "making lemonade out of lemons." Apparently this saying is meant to inspire all of us to take a bad situation, add a little sugar and turn it into a wonderfully refreshing experience. Well, I know this sounds cheezy but that's what I'm doing...
It all started a little over a year ago when I decided to purchase a beautiful condo in a high-rise building in Central Phoenix. It seemed like a great idea...close to work, in the middle of all the action, and a view to die for. The special incentives were great and a new light-rail project was sure to be a boon to property values in the area. The financing went smoothly (thanks to stated-income) and everything seemed perfect!
Well, to make a long story short, the decision to buy this property has led to my most challenging financial dilemma since I was welcomed to the world by that friendly doctor at Utah Valley Hospital! The building (which was supposedly completely remodeled by a developer) has a lot of very expensive problems which have been passed on to the homeowners. My HOA dues are now in excess of $500/month!!!! And that is not taking into account "special assessments" for broken pipes and deteriorating infrastructure. Yikes! Anyone who knows me well realizes that I am not a millionaire who can afford to fork over thousands of dollars to a home owners association.
So, after a lot of thinking (and about three months on prozak...j/k) I have decided to graciously gift this property to it's rightful owner--the bank. That's right, I will be foreclosing on this condo and it breaks my heart but the purpose of this blog is to show how I plan on making lemonade out of these lemons in life.
Many of you may know that I have always dreamed of owning my own furniture business. Something about interior design and furnishings intrigues me. I'm sure I got it from my Mom! Anyway, with the HUGE expense of this condo out of the way I will finally have the freedom to follow my dream. I am going to design and manufacture chic, eco-friendly home furnishings and interior decor items! I will attempt to use items that we normally throw away and make them look like something other than trash. I'm so excited to get started!
So, I quit my job at WaMu and I'm off to start a new adventure! To start off I am going to spend a couple of months in Central America to volunteer with Books for a Better World and draw inspiration from the local craftsmen down there. When I come back (in Aug.) I will work my brains off to get this new business off the ground. Wish me luck!
I cannot express how blessed I feel to have the ability to see past the bleak experience of loosing my condo to a bright, hopeful future. So next time you sip on a glass of lemonade remember that Allen is somewhere on the Western Hemisphere making the best of a bad situation.


Heather said...

Wow, Allen. That's really crappy, and really awesome, and really admirable all at the same time! I've been thinking about buying a condo myself, but have put it off because I think perhaps I'm being a bit naive. This certainly helped me realize that a lot of things can happen that you can't possibly foresee, so I'm not ready for that. Anyway, I'm excited for your furniture business, and will definitely buy something from you!

Jessie said...

ALLEN!!! Wow, that really sucks that you have those freaking problems with your condo! But hey I too LOVE home decor so when you get your buisness going, let me know and I would love to look at your stuff!! Good luck in South America!

k.c. said...

Now THAT is a lemonade story (this is Kelly, by the way Ü) ... I look forward to hearing about your travels this summer and what you learn, assuming you share that information. I don't know if you want to divulge the tricks of your trade!

Keep us updated. ... Blogging may be our only form of communication and I can assure you, I still use my vocal chords in an excessive manner. Never fear.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I am so excited for you! I think you will be great at the furniture thing. With your mom's craftiness and your dad's handiness you're a natural! BUt I MAY be biased! I can't believe my world traveling cousin is at it again..only THIS time when you come back I will be a MOM!!! That is crazy!!! Just FYI, we are blessing Madeline over Labor Day weekend and would LOVE for you to come stay with us!!! Let me know if it would work out so we can save you a spot! Miss you and have a safe trip!!! P.S. I hope you get to move your wall garden when you leave your condo...everyone needs an indoor garden!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm so happy that something so negative is going to have such a positive impact on your life! I know how the home ownership thing goes though... We recently were able to get out of our mortgage and move into an apartment. It just about killed us everytime something had to be replaced!! I wish you the best of luck on your new adventures!!

Our Family Circus said...

Sadness ... I hope that all things work out good for you. It would be nice to keep it - but better to be free of financial struggle too! :)

Miss you tons! Hugs and dances - cuz its what we beachs do ~

boliborracho said...

I'm so sorry about that Allen. That is really too bad.
Thank you so much for letting me stay there while I got on my feet, I have a lot of good memories in that place, I hate the bank, they should just give it to you! hehe, in utopia.

You'll bounce back.