Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to El Salvador!

What a beautiful place! Alice, Kira, and I got to El Salvador last night and were welcomed into a wonderful little bed & breakfast type of place in San Salvador. We got a great night sleep in a simple little three-bed room (WITH A/C) and, after a scrumptious breakfast, headed to Ahuachapan where we will be doing our book deliveries. The bus ride was quicker than I expected (about 1.5 hrs) and our hotel is right next to the bus stop so it was easy to get all of our stuff in with no problems.
I´m actually really impressed by a lot of things here but one thing is technology. They seem to be much more advanced than most of the other places I´ve been in Central America. For instance, we decided to get a cell phone and it was extremely easy to set up a prepaid cell phone account. If anyone feels like calling me here is my number: 011-503-7155-0185. I´ll have this number until July 5th when I switch a the Guatemala network. There are also quite a few places here with wireless internet so keeping in touch should be easy!
Tonight we went to a local ¨pupuseria¨ where they serve the famous pupusa--a cheese-stuffed tortilla with cabbage and tomato sauce on top. They are so good! The best part is that Alice, Kira and I all ate to our hearts´ content for $3 TOTAL!!!! And we were stuffed! No joke!
Tomorrow morning we are meeting with Don Pabel who will be driving us around to the schools in the area to deliver books to all the kids. I can hardly wait to get started! It´s so much fun and there is so much to see and observe! We have a lot to accomplish so wish me luck! I´ll try to get some photos on here for the next post.


Our Family Circus said...

Yeah for knowing you are safe there. I wondered how you were doing. We love you and miss you but admire you completly for your selfless nature to help others less fortunate. We will check back daily. Hope you can post pictures too. Would love to see the places we only dream of...

Crystal said...

Cool. Sounds like the trip has been good so far. I can't wait to see pictures of the cute little kids. Those are my favorites!