Friday, June 13, 2008

Uncle Roger...

I love you Uncle Roger and will miss you.
It's weird how I can feel so close to someone I only saw on rare occasions but I always felt so close to Uncle Roger (my Dad's Uncle). He called me "Big Al" (which I never liked much when other people called me that) and I always knew it was with love that he called me that. He drove Chevy Camaros--which is just cool to begin with--and he had a thing for fancy video cameras. He loved visiting our family and I remember a time when he made it down to St. George to see us. He loved the natural beauty of the desert there. One summer my family and I had the chance to go to Michigan and it was amazing to see that beautiful place and the history that the Beach family has there. My email inbox never saw it coming when Roger discovered the wonders of the internet! I could always count on some kind of joke or late-breaking news from Uncle Roger ;-) I feel like I only had a chance to scratch the surface of an amazing man but what a great opportunity it was to get to know him here on Earth.
I hope to see you again someday, Uncle Roger. God bless you!

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k.c. said...

Allen, thanks for this. I of course did not know your Uncle Roger, but I agree that there are some relatives, even if you don't know them well, who are just plain awesome and it stinks to lose them. I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Roger.