Friday, June 27, 2008

Short & Sweet...

I LOVE Pollo Campero--home of the free wireless internet but no plugs in the wall. I better hurry before my battery runs out. I won't give the details that I usually do (I hear sighs of relief all the way down here)!
Anyway, we visited two schools today. Suntecumat and Tacubita. They were close to Ahuchapan (where we are staying) but they were in the mountains so it was a rough road to get there. Once again we were grateful for 4 Wheel Drive! On the way there we got to see a bunch of geysers which power a giant geothermal power plant. El Salvador generates 15% of it's electricity through geothermal means. It's pretty cool but it smells horrible (like sulfur).
As usual, the kids were excited to see us and we were excited to see them. Something the Tacubita school they had no electricity. It's not too "out there" to find schools here with no electricity, but it was ironic because the power plant was in view of the school. CRAZY!
Anyway, things are going good. We're actually done with our designated schools so we're going to be visiting a few schools to see if there are more we can add next year. We already have a couple of leads to schools in poor rural towns so we just need to stop by and see if they are interested in starting a library. It should be really enjoyable.
Oh, I got a hold of my old mission buddy (JuaquĆ­n Molina) who served with me in the mission office (AP) and we're going to meet up tomorrow evening to catch up! I'm excited!

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denise peine said...

i am enjoying your blog, alan. i delivered books in el sal in 2003 but don't think the schools are the same as then, altho i do remember hogar de ninos. best of luck on rest of trip