Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another day in paradise...

Here's another quick update! This morning we got up super early (like around 5AM) to head up to a school called Niño Perdido (translated: Lost Child...great name for a school right?). Anyway, this is the school where Mily teaches (Mily is the lady who helps us coordinate everything down here). It was really fun to visit this school because they have a very positive energy about learning and you can just tell the teachers are enthusiastic about being there. Most of the kids come from very poor families but they have a desire to learn! It's a great feeling!
Mily's class was a lot of fun because we got to sing some songs in English with the kids. They were so excited to hear our "real" English accents and they did a very good job of trying to copy us! It was kind of funny too because Mily had to run an errand and she asked Kira and I to run the classroom. At first I was like..."huh? u want us to run your 4th grade class?" Can you imagine a teacher doing that? Anyway, Kira read them a story and then I grabbed a book about snakes and had the kids take turns reading all about snakes. They were pretty interested in the topic so it went really well. I even quizzed them with questions about the reading and they seemed to be learning. It was pretty fun!
After we got done at the school we went to a little national park that was really close to the school. It was a beautiful place! It was set up as a special preserve for Guatemala's national bird--the Quetzal. It was a simple, 2km hike with trees, ferns, and water falls all over the place. I felt like I was walking through heaven! The only thing that would have made it perfect would be if they could replace the mosquitoes with Quetzals. They are extremely rare but I hope to see one someday before I die. Here are some more pics of the beautiful surroundings:P.S. This cool guy in town wanted to help out with the project so he's letting me use his motorcycle! I'm going to try to make a couple deliveries with it over the next little while. It's been fun learning how to drive a motorcycle--it's really a dirt bike. It's a small one...a good starter bike. I thought it was way nice of this guy to let me use his bike :-)

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Jose said...

Allen, You will need to put your teaching experience on your resume!!! Jose