Thursday, July 10, 2008

Schools, libraries, clay, cross and bubble wrap...

Hello my faithful reader(s)! Today went by really fast. We delivered to two schools and a library. The schools were in a nearby town called Rabinal and the library was in a little pueblo called San Miguel. Kira and I got up early (once again) to catch the bus to Rabinal and then we got a taxi so we could get both of the schools in one day. Normally we walk to these schools but we never would have been able to get them both that way. I was happy that we got two schools done but the downside was that we couldn't spend much time with the kids because our taxi was waiting for us. On our way back home we found a cool place where they make clay pottery.
We got done a lot faster than expected so when we got back to the house we decided to make a trip to a library in San Miguel. We decided to go on the motorcycle that a friend was letting us use and it worked out really good! We must have looked pretty funny--two big gringos with a big backpack (full of books) on a dirt bike. There were a couple of hills that we struggled to climb but we managed to sputter up somehow. The librarian was stoked to get some new books! They had a very small collection but I could tell they were well used.
We returned to the house and ate lunch--macaroni and cheese--and then I decided to take the dirt bike on an adventure! There is a cross on the mountain above Salamá and I've been wanting to go up there ever since I saw it. It was a steep, curvy road but I was able to make it up pretty quickly. I managed to snap a few aerial shots before the battery in my camera died and then I went back down. Going down was the hard part! The rocks on the trail were pretty loose so braking was tricky but I made it down without a scratch :-)
When I got back to the house I walked in to find the kids (Estefani and Roberto) playing with some of the bubble wrap from the packaging for the books. I couldn't help but snap a photo...they're such cute kids!


Cristi said...

Another fun adventure! Thanks for sharing. I still love bubble wrap- there's just something about it that my fingers can't resist.

Kelly said...

Bubble wrap is the ultimate in fun, not matter what age you are. Wish I invented it!

So the mental picture of the two of you bouncing along with books on the bike... that is classic. I bet it's a funny sight to see.