Friday, July 11, 2008

A day in the country...

So, this motorcycle is coming in really handy for our work here! We had an extra box of books this year so we decided to add a new school to the program. Mily recommended Aldea Dolores--a rural school near a small town called San Miguel (where we went yesterday). Kira and I left around 7AM and made our way to the school. It was a beautiful trip on a curvy, bumpy, hilly road. It was actually pretty fun on the dirt bike!
We had to leave the motorcycle at a little store to walk across a suspension bridge to the school. It was really cool! We ended up getting to the school at the same time as a group of students from the high school in Salam√°. Part of their program was to interview the director at this rural school to investigate the major causes of drop-outs in their town. They were neat kids and it's always good to see the youth working to make their own country a better place!
The director of the school was enthusiastic about starting with Books for a Better World. He gathered the kids together so we could read to them and present the books. It was great to see how excited they were. The school had a lot of indigenous kids from very poor families so it was a perfect candidate for our program. Toward the end of our visit we gave the older kids a chance to read to everyone. I was impressed when one of the guys from sixth grade got up, in front of everyone, and read a few pages from a book. Not only was he a good reader but he seemed confident for his age. I told him he could be a good teacher someday :-)
We got back to Salam√° and ate lunch--chicken, rice and veggies. We still had plenty of daylight so we decided to take a trip to San Jeronimo just to check it out. We found another bumpy road (I guess our butts weren't sore enough and started down the path. We ended up at a river with a dam where they divert water into a canal to water crops. It was a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and streams. I love discovering new places! On our way home we stopped by a restaurant/fish farm where they serve fresh fish and ostrich meat. It was really good! I felt like I was in Chandler, AZ...eating! Kira and I decided that we were reducing our "carbon footprint" by eating at this restaurant. The fish were right there and the ostrich farm is a few miles away. Fresh food is the best!!!

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Cristi said...

I'm happy that you had another adventure-filled day! I, on the other hand, made pb&j's for lunch (sigh). I guess my days are full of adventure, of a different kind. :)