Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks...

So, I decided not to buy the land after all. I thought about it and I really need to conserve my money to go into the new business that I'm going to start. Also, I'm not down here enough to make it worth my while (although I wouldn't mind changing that).
Anyway, I'm in Barcenas with the Gonzalez family again--enjoying their company and working on a few things before I leave for Panama (via El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica). My friend Kaytee is house-sitting down there and there is plenty of room for me so I'm gonna go down there and relax a little. For now, I'm doing some research on different business ideas that have come to me and trying to decide the best route to take. I feel like my mind is flooded with possibilities and I have to make a choice. It's really cool to be in a situation like this where I am not distracted by "regular life" and I can really think clearly about what I want to do. I'm also going to contract my friend Ulises Gonzalez to do some drawing work on possible logos. He's a great artist and he seems excited to help me! I'll probably stay here until Saturday and then start heading south.
I miss you all in the States by the way! I hope you're all doing great!


Steven said...

You're starting a business?

Chelsea Osborn said...

I miss you Allen! When are you planning on being home? That land was beautiful, but I'm glad you made a good choice to conserve your resources. :) How much was it in US dollars anyway?