Monday, July 28, 2008

I've only got 4 minutes...

No, I'm not quoting Madonna and Justin Timberlake in my title...I seriously only have four minutes to blog at this internet cafe.
So, real quick...
I had an amazing weekend. Went dancing in Guatemala City Sat night. It was so much fun and everyone at the "disoteca" was so friendly. I hung out with my friend (Daniel) in San Salvador Sun evening (we went to a restaurant on the beach and it was beautiful!). Anyway, it was a good weekend.
I left Guatemala City on Sunday morning and got to San Salvador in the afternoon. Stayed there for the night and made my way to Honduras today (Monday). I'm just here for the night and then I'll head down to Nicaragua tomorrow morning. It will be my first time in Nicaragua so I'm kinda excited to see what it's like! I'll probably spend a couple days there before I head down the Costa Rica.
Anyway, so I'm here in a small town in Honduras and there's only one ATM and I don't have very much money. I just went to the ATM and it says it's "temporarily out of service." I hope it starts working soon because otherwise I might be sleeping on the streets! YIKES! Wish me luck!

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