Sunday, July 20, 2008

I can't get photos to upload!

Sorry guys, I can't seem to get photos to upload today. Real quick update:
I returned the rental car Thursday night (around 8:30 PM) and the cool guy at Thrifty charged me as if I had returned the car at noon instead of charging me an extra day. He said he wanted to help as much as he could since we're down here helping the kids in his country.
I stayed with the Gonzalez Rosales family Thurs night and got up early to catch a bus to the coast. A big group of teachers from the schools around Salamá went on an excursion and they invited me to come along. I managed to catch the bus at a bus stop on the way and we headed to a place called Xetulul (Shetoolool)--an amusement park. We had a great time and then we headed up to Panajachel/Lake Atitlán for the night and the next day. It was a blast! We even crossed Lake Atitlán to go to a beautiful little town called Santiago. Funny story: on our way back the boat driver stopped in the middle of the lake to explain to us that one of our travel companions forgot to pay him for the way there and he demanded payment. After a quick call to our friend, we confirmed that she forgot to pay and made sure he got his money. It was funny because he had us trapped in the middle of the lake to make sure he got his $3 and he wasn't about to let us off easy. We all had a good laugh about it when it was all over!
Anyway, we got back to Salama really late so I'm pretty tired today. It was a fun trip!

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